About Us

Established in 2008, The Collection Agency Entertainment (TCAE) is a full service interdisciplinary
performing arts booking agency, specializing in professional touring theatrical productions. TCAE
represents independent touring theatrical companies and artists, as well as select musical artists who
are especially suited for soft seat venues. TCAE’s works closely with a wide variety of arts presenters,
from The Stratford Festival and Mirvish Productions to community presenters and folk festivals. It is the
endeavor of TCAE to create an artist/audience exchange it is recognized that all parties involved are
focused on the same goal – to experience and share the wealth of performing arts talent that this country
to offer. TCAE takes a holistic approach to artist representation, and aims to operate in a manner whereby
presenters are recognized as curators, not simply as ‘buyers’; artists are acknowledged as creators, not
‘properties’; and the agent acts as an arts facilitator – not as a ‘salesperson’.


TCAE is dedicated to

  • supporting and developing the careers of its roster of artists nationally and internationally
  • obtaining quality performance opportunities for its artists in performing arts centres and at festivals
  • negotiating fees on behalf of its artists that are fair and respectful to all parties
  • managing tours on behalf of its artists, from promoting and booking to post-performance follow-up
  • fostering and sustaining meaningful long-term relationships with presenters and arts creators
  • assisting presenters to develop new audiences and enrich the experiences of current audiences


TCAE is committed to providing an artist engagement experience to both artists and presenters that is
professional, friendly and rewarding for all parties.



AWARDS & NOMINATIONS for Agency Director Tammy Fox


AGENT OF THE YEAR – Winner Ontario Contact 2010

AGENT OF THE YEAR – Nominee CAPACOA 2010 & 2011

AGENT OF THE YEAR – Nominee British Columbia Touring Council 2010 & 2011




Tammy Fox has been involved in the arts presentation industry for over 16 years, on just about every side of
the equation. After graduating from the University of Windsor with an Hons. B.A. in Dramatic Literature,
she spent the next 10 years in theatre administration and management at Port Hope’s Capitol Theatre and
later Peterborough’s Showplace Performance Centre. In 2006 she moved to Toronto, taking over the role of
Executive Director at ShakespeareWorks, which gave her the opportunity to work with Canadian theatre
luminaries RH Thomson and Christopher Newton. In early 2008 she started her own artist representation
agency, The Collection Agency Entertainment, which specializes in professional touring Canadian theatrical
productions, but which also represents some of Canada’s finest musicians. Tammy has volunteered her time on
both the CCI Board of Directors and the Ontario Contact Planning Committee. She lives in Baltimore, Ontario
with her husband, musician Kevin Fox, and their sons Julian and Rowan.