Mary Walsh


Written and performed by Mary Walsh

Originally Co-Produced by Theatre Passe Muraille and the RCA Theatre Company

Originally Directed by Karen Carpenter


Canadian actress, comedienne and social activist Mary Walsh unleashes her rage to do battle on a grand scale. A woman who starts to go blind, finally starts to see. A mother who travels across the country to find her lost child, rediscovers the child she has always had. A little girl who is always searching for her place in the world, finds that she’s already there. Dancing with Rage follows all their stories while summoning the help of some familiar faces- Marg Delahuntey, a Warrior Princess; Dakey Dunn; Miss Eulalia Turpin; Mom Reardon; Connie Bloor. Mary will navigate the rage brought on by pop culture, politics and capitalism while taking on her vibrant and constantly emerging characters. By incorporating current events, each performance of Dancing with Rage will be fresh, exciting and always up to the minute.


Hailing from St. John’s, NL, Mary Walsh was an original member of the infamous CODCO sketch comedy series, which ran on CBC Television from 1987 to 1992. In 1992, she began to work with Rick Mercer and former CODCO co-stars Cathy Jones and Greg Thomey to create the highly acclaimed series This Hour Has 22 Minutes, where Mary’s Warrior Princess character Marg Delahunty became famous for buttonholing politicians and submitting them to satirical interviews. On October 24, 2011 Mary Walsh was once again in the spotlight as she reprised the role of Marg Delahunty, conducting an ambush interview of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at his home, after which Mr. Ford’s reaction and alleged verbal abuse directed at 911 operator made national headlines. Mary Walsh is the recipient of 25 Gemini Awards as well as the Governor General’s Lifetime Achievement Award.


*DANCING WITH RAGE is represented by TCAE, however Mary Walsh the actor is represented by Oscars, Abrams, Zimel & Associates.




Mar. 4 / 14 – Stephen Leacock Theatre – Keswick, ON

Mar. 7 / 14 – Rotary Centre for the Arts – Kelowna, BC

Mar. 8/ 14 – Vernon Performing Arts Centre – Vernon, BC

Mar. 18 – Apr. 6 /14 – Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre (GCTC) – Ottawa, ON