Theatre RUN


The Double

TheatreRun production
created & performed by Adam Paolozza, Arif Mirabdolbaghi
& Viktor Lukawski
directed by Adam Paolozza
music by Arif Mirabdolbaghi


When are you no longer yourself? The anxious government clerk Golyadkin is plagued by a stranger who looks just like him, but is more daring, romantic and brash. Inspired by Dostoevsky’s novella The Double, this uncanny triangle between a neurotic, his doppelganger and a stand-up bass transports us to 19th century Russian high society and Golyadkin’s labyrinthine search for his identity.


This Dora Award winning production is now available to tour. Adam Paolozza is currently Tarragon Theatre’s Kareda Resident and Artistic Director of TheatreRUN. Arif Mirabdolbaghi is a Juno Award winning musician and a member of the acclaimed Indie Band Protest the Hero.



“…brilliant…If only these theatre-makers came in multiples—perhaps then we’d be lucky enough to see more shows like The Double. 9/10”
– Carly Maga, The Grid


“thrilling…ingenious…fast-moving, funny and psychologically complex.” NNNN’s
– Glenn Sumi , Now Magazine


“That was me laughing out loud…I love to laugh at the theatre.”
– Former Governer-General Adrienne Clarkson


“Technically, he (Paolozza), is a marvel…and so is his production. Haunting, hilarious…”
– Robert Cushman, The National Post


“The Double_ is a one of a kind experience, a whimsical adaptation that restores my faith in the theatre and its magic.”
– Leslie Barcza, 


“The Double’s exceptionally clever script borrows heavily from Charlie Chaplin [...] evoking a sense of timelessness, fate and the surreal that provides a perfect backdrop for this entertaining exploration of identity crisis. 5 *’s”

– Annie Hodgins,


“…brilliant…dazzling…an engrossing, funny-sad study of a man slipping further and further from reality. I’d rush and get a ticket on the double. 3/4 *’s”

– Robert Crew, The Toronto Star



Double Trailer 2013 – Wi-Fi from Adam Paolozza on Vimeo.




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